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Jason Allen is a veteran of the U.S Army, serving from 2005 to 2008 in a high combat zone of Iraq. He moved from Bay Area to Los Angeles in 2009 to become a Director and Screenwriter. Allen was inspired by Christopher Nolan, Russo brothers, The X Files and James Wan in his youth. While Horror is his favorite genre, the story of Constantine, most Anime, The Spawn, The Dark knight ,  Jordan Peele, Californication, and Wes Craven's body of work all played an equal role his esthetic as filmmaker today.

"Lookout Hollywood! Original content is making a comeback!" 


Born and raised in Worthington , Ohio, Nicole M . Brevard has been obsessed with Film and Television from a young age. She credits watching old Turner Classic movies and Nik-at-Nite shows with her Grandmother as a child the root of her passion and admiration for the performing arts. Along with her grandmother's influence Brevard's mother is a film and TV fanatic as well, often taking her and her brother to the movie theater to watch two and three movies  per weekend . As a family , they gathered around to watch the golden globes and Oscars each year as part of their tradition.

It was no surprise when Nicole Moved to San Francisco at the age of 21 to attend the San Francisco Academy of Art University for Screenwriting & Directing for Motion Pictures/ Television. 

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