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 Ariyah Johnson Is 13yrs old from Los Angeles, Ca who lives to be an Actress since she was a toddler. She has been acting since she was 10 and Her goal is to attend NYU for theatre to advance her skills and talents. She loved working with Mirror World studios , Anue Enterprises and Mystic Film Studios  on The True Blue Ripper production and gained an extended family. She is very grateful for the opportunity to be apart of such a great project and hopes for many more to come!

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Al Burke aka Mr. Outrageous is a 16 time Pro Wrestling Champion having performed all over the world. After 35 years in the business
of wrestling, Mr. O retired at the end of 2019. While Pro Wrestling,
Al also started in the Hollywood entertainment world and has been
in hundreds of Movies, Commercials, Music Videos, Print Ads and
also special appearances.

In 2009, Al Burke met Sam Childers aka The Machine Gun Preacher
on a Hollywood Red Carpet. Al has helped promoted The Machine
Gun Preacher (MGP) since that meeting with appearances all over

the world and two trips to Africa visiting many of the MGP projects

including some of the orphanages run by MGP.

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Kai Strachan (born September 15, 1993) is a Bahamian actor and model. Strachan has been featured in numerous projects including modeling campaigns, short films and TV series, and music videos for affluent artists.

In 2009, Strachan immigrated to the United States to attend boarding school in Virginia at Christchurch School and later attended Stony Brook Prep in New York. After graduating boarding school, Strachan decided to continue his education in the United States and went on to studying at Penn State University from 2012 to 2016 where he majored in Journalism and Sociology. After graduating college and carefully deliberating his next steps in life, he decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

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Quey Benjamin  was born in Hollywood California and raised in North Hollywood California . Her  hobbies include writing, singing, reading, fashion designer and dancing. She is an entrepreneur that enjoys helping the less unfortunate by donating food or clothes! Quey became an actress because she always enjoyed role playing as a little girl. She chose to participate in this movie     'The Blue Ripper' because she found it very interesting in terms of the reality our current society has been enduring when it comes to police brutality, but also enjoys the 'Horror Film' side, as it is, she's a giant fan of the Horror genre. 

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Amber Melfi is from Orlando, FL originally. her hobbies include Acting, Cooking, Hiking, Dance Actor/Performer . Melfi  studied and was captivated by the arts of Dance, Theater, Improv at a young age in in her hometown. It was her talent of Dance, Modeling, and Acting  that brought Amber to Los Angeles15 years ago where she has been working as a SAG actor ever since. She likes to take on meaningful fun projects and create with the like minded.


Dave Frye is an actor born in Massachusetts and raised in New Hampshire. Very athletic, he loves to play sports, go on adventures and find adrenaline rushes wherever he can find them. Recently,  he got into acting to have an outlet of release and to relive childhood fantasies of playing pretend.


Macarena Abad is a Spanish actress, born and raised in Córdoba, Spain. At the age of eighteen she moved to Madrid to study a Bachelor’s in Audiovisual Communications at UCM, and Acting at the Iñaki Aierra Studio. In her Junior year she interned at Aligned Entertainment-Los Angeles for the summer, and after graduating, she decided to relocate to Los Angeles, where she currently resides, to obtain a Post-Graduate Diploma in Entertainment and Media Management at UC Riverside in association with The Los Angeles Film School, and to continue persuing her acting career.

In eight years in Los Angeles, Macarena has trained at the Actors Comedy Studio, the Meisner Technique at Playhouse West, Improv Comedy at Playhouse West Comedy and UCB Theatre, Cold Reading at The Lyndon Technique and Brian Reise Acting Studios. Macarena won several Awards at the 10 Minute Theatre Festival with the original play The Smiths written by Marie Montgomery, she also played Ariel in the play Las Niñas Ya No Quieren Ser Princesas by Borja Texeira at The Brisk Festival in Los Angeles which got to the finals in the Spanish category winning Best Script.

She’s currently signed with Midwest Talent Management, and Wild Models in Los Angeles.

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